Factory inspection

We will welcome you to visit our factories. We want you to know more about us.


・In our factory, you can see the process of how our fish is cut and packaged to our customers through large observation windows.
・Please apply in groups of five or more. 
・If your school or organization would like to visit our factory, please fill in the application form below.
・Application details:
Tel +81 (0)597-22-2323
Fax +81(0)597-23-0456
Seko, Tanigawa, or Tamamoto
Soumu-ka (General Affairs Section)
Owase Bussan
1-33 Hayashimachi, Owase, Mie

After we get your application, we will contact you.

application form

Example Application
(1st choice)  time (am/pm), day/ month / year
(2nd choice)  time (am/pm), day/ month / year
(3rd choice)  time (am/pm), day/ month / year
Please be aware that we may already have another appointment scheduled on the date of your first choice.

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