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Our original products at a glance.

Yellowtail and Tuna are designated as a regional resource in Owase. At the same time, it is one of our main industrial resources.
Most of them are processed in parts and delivered to our customers, but parts of the fish end up being left over.
Rather than having these parts go to waste, we are instead using them to produce new products.

◎Canned Food
・Buridaikon (Yellowtail belly simmered with radish) with a citrus flavor”
・”Tuna Ajillo from Ryoueimaru”
・”Tuna from Ryoeimaru stewed in oil and pepper”
These cans are produced by Kuroshiocho Kanzume Seisakusho (canned food factory in Kuroshio Town).
These canned goods are prepared in Kochi Prefecture's Kuroshio Town, originally for the purpose of adding to emergency survival kits. However, for the residents of Kuroshio Town, they did not remain this way. "It's delicious, so we eat it. We eat it, so we buy it every day. That way, we're always prepared." They have since developed a circulating reserve concept based on this delicious concept. We agree with this concept and asked them to produce these luxury canned goods using our fish. You can enjoy them on a daily (or emergency) basis.


◎Bottled Food
 Yellowtail Roe has long been prepared in local home cooked recipes. We harvest the roe in spring when the ovaries mature, and prepare “Simmered Yellowtail Roe” which is strong in the local flavor. This is one of the special products which we use to process large quantities of Yellowtail.
  Yellowtail Roe has been cooked as in local home recipes and eaten in Owase for a long time.
We also have “Stewed Tuna” and “Miso Tuna (fermented soybean paste)”.  In it, we use the Albacore Tuna we catch on the Ryoeimaru and season it with local flavor. This is produced by Sanwa Suisan.

  This sausage contains 44% Albacore Tuna. We were requested to produce them by Seinan Kaihatsu, located in Ehime, Shikoku. They had developed and produced the first fish sausage in Japan.
Also, Owase deep sea salt is used in order to prevent them from developing harmful microbes, as well as dissolve muscle fibers, and hold them together.

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