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We annexed the OTOTO cafeteria to the direct sales store where our products and local products are sold.
It is located along Route 42, the main road in Owase, and it is loved by both locals and visitors. It is the perfect complement to the "Fishing town of Owase."

"Owase Sakana Ichiba, OTOTO" is our local specialty shop in Owase.


 OTOTO is our direct sales market and cafeteria  where you are able to purchase the Amberjack and Yellowtail we raise, as well as Tuna caught on the Ryoeimaru, either raw for your own preparation, or sashimi sliced at our "Fresh Fish Corner."
 We also have things like take-out sushi and sides, our company's original dried products, citrus fruits, and seasonal vegetables available for purchase at our "Local Products Corner."

 At the "Owase Fish Cafeteria," you can get our Owase Bussan products, an array of fresh fish and vegetables that are always at the height of the season, sushi, sashimi, rice bowls, tempura, and many other foods, hot and ready to eat in our cafeteria. 

 Along with all these, our antenna shop is where we sell our many products including "Premium DHA Yellowtail," Ryoueimaru Tuna and Amberjack prepared in many ways, bottled, and canned, as well as originally developed products such as Fish Sausages (Tuna).

[Our motto to make our store better]
We put products that you feel the local atmosphere, support local manufacturing and dispatch of local information.

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