We raise fish that our customers need.

Our fish farming has been evolving in order to ensure a consistent amount, price, and quality to our customers. Even now we continue to evolve to suit our customers’ needs. The fish we raise not only suit the tastes of our customers, but are also held to high safety and nutritional standards.


 In 2000, we established four Yellowtail fishing zones in this area based on topography, water quality, and tidal conditions.
 Our focus is to develop our techniques for raising the fish (cultivation) by working with universities to ensure a controlled, high quality environment.
 While the fatty Yellowtail season usually runs from late fall to the beginning of spring, the fish cultivation techniques we employ enable us to extend the spring spawning season to produce young fatty Yellowtail even in the summertime.
 With these breeding conditions, we then work with manufacturers in Shikoku to provide "Summer Yellowtail" in our markets.
 As a result of this, the annual production and supply of delicious, fatty Yellowtail is available in the winter, provided from the Owase Bay, and in the summer from Shikoku and Kyushu manufacturers, and in the summer, always at the height of deliciousness.
 We also work with universities and feed manufacturers to develop delicious cultivated Yellowtail of the highest quality.
 Since 2016, working with Kochi University, we have succeeded in developing "Premium DHA Yellowtail*," which is now available to our customers.
[*for details regarding premium DHA Yellowtail, please visit our new product page]