A new value in cultivated Yellowtail. Delicious and healthy.

Premium DHA Yellowtail is a cultivated Yellowtail with a density of DHA that should be more than 3% per 100g in edible portions (back and abdomen). We also set a strict selection process to achieve an even higher level of delicious quality in our Yellowtail.
DHA is an abbreviation for docosahexaenoic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid which is said to be beneficial to continued good health by reducing neutral fat in the blood.

  In 2016, we worked with researchers in Kochi University and established “premium DHA Yellowtail." This premium DHA Yellowtail is a cultivated fish with a density of DHA which should be more than 3% per 100g in edible portions (back and abdomen).

  Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare recommend consumption of more than 1g DHA per a day.  You can do that if you eat only two slices of DHA Yellowtail instead of taking supplements.

  We confidently recommend our Owase Bay raised “premium DHA Yellowtail," in place of supplements, to the rising number of our customers who are interested in their health.

  We collaborated with the university researchers to develop feed for the Yellowtail which would raise their levels of DHA. We found that we could make the premium DHA Yellowtail when we changed the specifications of the feed during the last two months of their raising term (about one and a half years).  As of 2016, we are working with the university to patent the formula.

Premium DHA Yellowtail  Data of DHA prompt report

*The analysis value is the mean value of whole value of edible portions (back and belly).
Analysis Institution
(*1) Food Analysis Technology Center SUNATEC is a registered inspection body of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
(*2) Japan Food Research Laboratories

Product Development 1
We started raising fish about ten years ago.  In these ten years, we have developed our premium DHA Yellowtail with Kochi University.
According to researchers, something that takes a day to plan will take two years to implement. We began with the thought of what we could do to benefit a more and more health conscious world?
Can we add value to our Yellowtail farming as our “market approach” to a health-conscious market?
From there, we focused on the DHA omega-3 fatty acids contained in farmed Yellowtail, in addition to Tuna, Anchovy, and Mackerel.  Can we raise the contained amount of DHA of the cultivated Yellowtail using modern aquaculture techniques?  
This is the strong point of farmed fish. This is how Premium DHA Yellowtail came to be.

Product Development 2
At the beginning of the development, there were several problems in raising the amount of DHA in the oils contained within the feed. Either it did not soak through in the EP (solid pellets), or it simply dissolved into the water.
Then, we began to work with Kochi University, which has garnered many achievements in Yellowtail cultivation, who worked with us to solve many of the problems we faced. At last, in December of 2016, we were finally able to introduce our creation to the world stage.
Our feed-making method is currently patent-pending. To our great delight, our work is highly evaluated by our customers.
Now, we are continuing to research more and more about farming Yellowtail, and are considering using safer oils made by other materials, such as sea weed, among other things. Our groundbreaking efforts have frequently been covered by the media.

 Our Customers' Voice
As of January, 2017, we have been getting a lot of grateful comments from our customers since we began selling this product.
For example, one buyer at a volume seller says, “The Premium DHA Yellowtail is very interesting! We can see high lycopene tomatoes sold next to the normal ones at the supermarket. And we see several kinds of health foods such as supplements and processed foods, but what about marine foods? Premium DHA Yellowtail is very interesting, it may be a new experiment, but it's also a chance for new developments in the market."
According to another seller, “They sell natural Yellowtail and farmed Yellowtail, but this highly added-value Premium DHA Yellowtail is something completely different."
Taste-testing customers had this to say: “This is very fatty and really tasty!  But it's also healthy!  I really appreciate that.”
We are very happy to hear comments like these.