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 We have constructed fixed net fishing throughout the Owase region's Kumano Open Sea Coast in which to harvest natural Yellowtail at the height of their season, which runs through March and April.

 To keep the quality of seasonal Yellowtail high and the cost low, we work directly with the fishermen, purchasing live fish directly from fixed net operators.

 Just like our own cultivated Yellowtail, this stock of natural Yellowtail will be processed and shipped as needed to meet the demands of the market.

 We think this kind of collaboration with local fishermen an important part of ensuring a consistent supply and price.

Owase has long been a prosperous location for fixed net fishing. As opposed to fishing in the Sea of Japan, Yellowtail are harvested from March to April. Of course, there is a big difference between a big catch and a poor one. At Owase Bussan, because we cultivate our natural Yellowtail, we are able to deliver a consistent supply at a consistent price to the market.

We use natural Yellowtail and constantly aim towards a consistent supply and price.
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