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Our “market approach" begins with asking our customers what they need.
We use "chilled food distribution” to deliver processed products.
Our strong point is in the fact that, since we are located near high consumption areas, we can deliver products to our customers in a very timely, efficient manner.

We listen to what our customers need. This is the way of our business.

 Our main customers are volume sellers and the food service industries around Japan.  Our sales staff based in our head office and in Nagoya visit our customers to ask what they need and deliver our products directly to all over Japan.   

 We are also proactive in holding exhibitions and business conventions throughout the country. We work diligently to introduce our products, open business discussions, and disseminate information.
 This kind of business activity is the basis of our "market approach."  Through this, we can catch consumption trends and quickly implement them in making new products.

Located in Southern Mie Prefecture, Owase is closer to such big cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, and as such are in a more convenient position than other producers in Kyushu or Shikoku.

 Thanks to this, we are able to use the location to our advantage in our business logistics and are capable of providing the highest quality of freshness in our products with safe speedy delivery.

 We make the best use of our position and have created a distribution network which can deliver our fresh fish to our customers every day, to various locations throughout Japan. With the help of courier companies we work closely with, and by making the best use of air delivery, we are able to provide next day delivery to customers throughout Japan. 

 As for calibration and packing, we have equipped our factories with PLS (Pick To Light System) and made it possible to pack the right amount and as much as the customer need precisely and expeditiously.

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